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Session details


All sessions take place at an outdoor location of your choice. I recommend early mornings or late afternoons for the best lighting.

What to wear:

Choose clothing and accessories that will show off YOUR style but remember simple is always good!

Black or white is not recommended as it can be too harsh and stay away from logos.

If posing with others please choose complimentary colors.


I love love love props! Props can be a fun way to get unique photos that capture who you are.

Proofs and prints:

Proofs will be ready approximately 2-3 weeks after your scheduled session through a password protected gallery. This gallery will be available for family and friends to view for up to 30 days. During this time please decide which prints you wish to order. Most prints are ready within 2 weeks of placing your order.

Frye Fotos reserves the rights to use any picture in any form, such as but not limited to the use in advertising, reproduction and copyright.

All images are copyrights of Frye Fotos and it is illegal to copy, scan and print images (whether purchased or not) without prior permission.

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